FSrealWX Pro (Code: fsrealwx_0001)

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Weather add-on for FS2002, FS2004, FSX, P3D and Xplane.

It decodes METAR and upper wind data (additional weather information such as types of clouds are in preparation) and sends it to the flight simulator.

FSrealWX will always remain freeware
  • supported new FSX weather features
  • more than 16,000 weather stations from all over the world
  • ocean forecast
  • Dircet Wind Control (DWV)
  • slightly gusty surface wind for realistic landing
  • aloft Winds, Temps and Humidity
  • more visible layers (FSX)
  • FSUIPC Wind Smoothing (works perfectly with FS2004)
  • Turbulence in/under cumulus clouds
  • generate cirrus 
  • display TAF for information
  • online VATSIM-Weather, IVAO-Weather or for offline use NOAA-Weather
  • Flight planner
  • Load editor
  • Aircraft editor
  • Flight recorder
  • and much more
Manufacturer: Hanse-Coders
Price: 20.00 EUR
julve, 19.10.2016
tianrt, 08.10.2016
Top marks, a great product!
omardelg, 04.09.2016
great! I used under icing conditions, works fine!
Kusiak, 06.05.2016
Interesting weather engine
Benoit, 07.10.2015
Benoit, 07.10.2015
très bon
Benoit, 07.10.2015
bon produit
cro, 17.07.2015
Si je ne veux pas mettre le nez dehors, je regarde le temps sur l'aéroport, à coté de la maison. LFBX metar LFBE
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